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When one or more teeth are missing, their replacement is important to prevent neighbouring teeth from tilting or tipping into the empty space. The teeth in the opposite jaw can also shift upwards or downwards into the empty space in the opposing jaw. These changes in tooth position can result in changes in your bite and may result in stresses and pain in your teeth or your jaw joints. 

Dr. Kesthely will check and X-ray the teeth on either side of the gap what will be prepared to support the bridge to determine whether they are suitable anchors for the bridge. If they are deemed to be suitable, then the teeth can be prepared. An impression is taken and set to a dental laboratory where the bridge is custom fabricated. A temporary bridge is placed and when the permanent bridge is complete, Dr. Kesthely will adjust and cement the bridge. 

Bridges can be made of either full metal, porcelain bonded to metal, or full porcelain. Dr. Kesthely can discuss with you which type would be best for you. 

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